We are a collective all about “the home”. As Real Estate experts and Idaho enthusiasts, we have lots of great content to share from our clients, to our love for Boise and it’s awesome lifestyle. We hope you enjoy following along and would love to hear from you!


Real Estate

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Pearls & Potatoes Blog

Pearls & Potatoes is the personal blog of Bridget Redeker. Her and her husband, Bill,  are transplants to and enthusiasts of the Potato State, Idaho. Bridget is also a lover of the classic jewelry staple, pearls and thus, Pearls & Potatoes was born. 

Originally from Buffalo, New York - her and Bill lived in Florida for the past 10 years before making the jump to Boise, Idaho. Read about our decision to move to Boise here.

Design Work

b&B Designs was a Florida based Interior Design firm that Bill and Bridget ran. It’s currently taking a hiatus, as they are working on completing their own home in Idaho. Check out the series “Builder Grade to Builder Great” to get a sneak peek inside their own Boise home.