The people

“Boise nice” is a real thing…it’s like the midwest mentality in the Northwest! Don’t be surprised if someone starts up a conversation with you in the checkout line or on the street. There’s a small town mentality that makes the city feel close knit, even as it grows by leaps and bounds year-over-year.

the activities

If you are looking for a variety of activities, look no further! Are you a hiker? Hop on the beloved Greenbelt. Boater or floater? Dip into the Boise River or the Reservoir. Whether you’re biking or skiing, shopping in the city, a farmers market fan or checking out one of the many city sponsored activities…there is no shortage of fun!

The weather

Four well-defined seasons. No season seems to last too long. Summer temperatures average 71 degrees, while winter temperatures are mild and hover around 32 degrees. Rain is minimal here, with an average of just 12 inches per year, and more than 200 sunny days a year. Springs are beautiful with the cherry blossoms and the fall foliage couldn’t be more spectacular in the City of Trees. See my blog post on it here.