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About Bridget (A.K.A. little "b"):

Ever since Bridget could remember, she had a passion for all things design and residential architecture. The Pearls & Potatoes Blog is a personal creative outlet for “b”. As a young girl, she would ride her bike for hours exploring different neighborhoods, just to look at homes and wonder what they looked like inside and imagined how she would design the interior if it were her house. Besides design, Bridget's other passion was golf. This dominated her life when she wasn't thinking about design or in school. Ultimately, there were no good Division I schools at the time that had a great Interior Design Program so Bridget had to choose between her passion, Interior Design, and her dream, playing Division I golf. Bridget ultimately chose golf and turned professional after college which lead her to Florida and eventually, her other half....Bill.

About Bill (A.K.A. big "B"):

Bill, even as a kid, had his trademark charismatic charm, as well as, an intense drive to always do the best he can at whatever he put his mind to. Growing up, he watched his mother, an interior designer, build new homes for spec, as well as, re-model the couple homes they moved into. Bill's fervent drive led him to graduate valadictorian from The Hun School of Princeton and attend The Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics and concentrations in Management and Marketing. After working in corporate for a few years in Wisconsin, Bill made the move to Florida and purchased a small business. That's when he met Bridget and b&B Designs was born...

About Us and How We Started b&B Designs and became Licensed Realtors in Florida and Idaho:

Bill & Bridget met in 2010 and were pretty much inseparable. Bridget was just hanging up the golf clubs and looking to help Bill out so she could remain in Florida. They began expanding Bill's absentee property management company rapidly over then next years (all-the-while dating). During that same time, in Florida, the real-estate hit rock bottom. Bridget and Bill decided to pick up a home in the community they lived at auction and renovate it, a passion they shared. Designing that home was like fireworks for both of them, realizing their talent and skill-set was much greater together than they ever were separate.

They listed that home on the market. Soon, their phone started ringing, people wondering if they consult on other renovation projects...their renovation projects. With the desire and passion they both have always had, Bridget and Bill officially opened their design business, b&B Designs, in 2012 and have not stopped designing homes for clients, as well as, gutting and spec'ing homes in their free time.

They also somehow managed to both become licensed Realtors, grow their absentee property management business, packed and moved homes 7 times (Bill didn’t realize until recently that Bridget is a ‘nester’), planned a destination wedding, got married, sold their FL business, traded the Treasure Coast (of FL) for the Treasure Valley (Boise, ID) and got re-licensed for Real Estate in Idaho all within these last 9, full years. With a passion for Design and Real Estate, let their drive and creativity work for you. Contact them here.